Why choose us?

Our garden structures are versatile, affordable, highly durable and can be built on narrow terraces, slight slopes or even on undulating ground.

After building our own greenhouse in 2001, and then a few others for our neighbours, it became apparent that there was a significant demand for such versatile and affordable structures. The DIY kits of plastic film hoophouses and the framed glass or polycarbonate styles are simply too costly, awkward and limited in their application. In addition to having to assemble them yourself, they invariably require a completely level site and/or a formed concrete base to put them on. Since establishing the business in 2002, we have refined both the design and construction methods so that we can build a range of structures on just about any terrain or substrate!

Over the years we have come to realise that having even a moderate sized greenhouse (ours is only 6 by 3 metres) allows more freedom as there is always room for space-hungry crops such as sweetcorn, zucchinis or even potatoes. It is simply a matter of adjusting when you put them in! I often describe our greenhouse as a “climate modification device” or as a friend once commented, “It’s like having a little bit of southern France in your very own garden!”