Use and care

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To ensure your greenhouse has a long and productive life, it is advisable to take note of some basic guidelines in its day-to-day use.


The greenhouse’s tunnel shape and sturdy frame will withstand most winds but leaving even one door open will cause repeated inflation and deflation of the film. This results in unnecessary chafing which may lead to ruptures and, if allowed to continue, possibly complete failure of the covering.

Take great care when using any chemicals such as sprays, dusts, fertilisers, paints or oils. Many of these compounds can degrade the film and subsequently greatly reduce its service life.

As with all structures made of timber, the application of some form of protective coating (eg. paint) or preservative (eg. exterior grade oil) will greatly lengthen its serviceable life. It is therefore recommended that all parts of the timber frame that are exposed to the elements or are in contact with the soil be suitably protected. Take care, however, not to allow any OIL BASED products to contact the film. If this happens accidentally, clean it off immediately with a clean, dry cloth. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS OF ANY KIND!

Be careful with sharp objects such as garden spades and forks while working in or near the greenhouse. Also, if a table or bench is used inside it should be carefully positioned and secured in place. Try to avoid leaving bulky objects such as wheelbarrows and empty drums near the greenhouse as they may catch a sudden gust of wind and cause impact damage.

Avoid hanging heavy objects from the battens inside your greenhouse. They are there to keep the hoops in line and are not designed to support any real weight. However, they are ideal for carrying micro-irrigation lines which can be held in place with saddles and screws (not nails). On the other hand, the end-frames and headers are quite strong and can be very handy places to fit hooks for hanging things such as tools, hoses, coats etc.

IMMEDIATELY attend to any frame breakages or detachment of the film to avoid rapid deterioration of your greenhouse. Remember that it is a lightweight structure with strength in its integrity and as such is severely compromised if any of the components are damaged or missing. If you are unsure what to do, please don’t hesitate to contact us, preferably after hours.

We hope you will enjoy gardening through all seasons in your new greenhouse for many, many years to come! Again, feel free to contact us if you have any queries or further requests by phoning (03) 6266 0395.