Getting us started

To help with the building of your garden structure, the following points need to be carefully considered to make our job easier. They may even help you to choose a site that is appropriate for your needs.

Clean and clear

It is important that the chosen site is relatively clean and clear of all debris and obstacles that would hinder the building process such as old fencing, rocks/boulders, tree stumps, dog poo etc. Our preferred substrate is either closely mown grass or newly levelled ground.


To avoid extra labour charges for the manual cartage (carrying) of tools and materials to and from the site, it is preferable that reasonable access can be gained with a 2WD vehicle. Also, on most jobs, the truck we use performs various roles throughout the build as a workbench, power source and rain shelter.

Mains Power

For safety reasons, it is also important that the site has reasonable access (within 50m) to a 240V single phase mains power outlet. If this is not available, we can use a battery powered inverter but prior notice is essential, and we must have 2WD access as the truck has the batteries!