Finally, about the weather…

A note on the weather….

As you can imagine, building anything outside in bad weather is not only slow and difficult, but it can be positively dangerous! To avoid travelling sometimes considerable distances just to sit out frequent showers and squalls, we prefer to delay work until the weather improves. Should this be the case, we will always endeavour to give reasonable notice of rescheduling by phone and/or email.

While we can build a frame in less than ideal weather, we need relatively warm and calm weather to cover it, especially with greenhouse film. This is the case for two important reasons. Firstly, dealing with very large sheets of film in windy weather is obviously tempting disaster. Secondly, covering a greenhouse in cold weather, when the film has shrunk, means it will expand and remain flaccid throughout the warmer months. This is not only unsightly but can lead to excessive chafing of the film which reduces its service life. Greenhouses covered in warmer conditions remain nice and taut except on the hottest of days.

We hope you have found this information helpful and we are happy to discuss any queries you may have. Just call or drop us an email.

We wish you happy gardening!