Our products

We don’t just build polyfilm greenhouses.

We also supply and install shadehouses (covered in shadecloth) and netframes (covered in black woven bird netting) which are built using slightly modified frames of the same style. We can also supply small, portable versions of all three which, at 3.4m x 1.7m in size, can be delivered* according to your order. All items are available in a range of preconfigured sizes or can be custom sized to suit your particular site.

All of our permanent garden structures are built for you on site in as little as one day, with the larger more elaborate units being fully completed in just four or five days, depending on the weather and travel distances.*

We offer a range of convenient options, namely shadecloth enclosed vents, overhead plant training wires, galvanized weldmesh bench units, micro irrigation systems and internal garden bed edging and boxing. There can also be variations within these options. For example, a bench can have a shelf underneath it, irrigation can be ground-level driplines and soaker hoses or overhead sprays and sprinklers, or any combination to your requirements. It’s even a simple job to install a tap with a hose bib to make hand watering more convenient!

To ensure our structures have a long life, we use CCA treated pine for all components which are in contact with the ground or are filled with soil. For those who are concerned about using this material, we can substitute it with slightly more costly roughsawn hardwood. This timber however, is much less durable in contact with soil so it is recommended that it be lined and underlaid with 200 micron (0.2mm thick) black poly-film concrete underlay. If you wish to have the durability of treated pine but don’t want it contacting your growing soil then this lining can be used for that purpose also.

Keeping these features in mind, we always advise our customers to go for the largest structure they can afford, both in terms of cost and space. Many people have quickly outgrown the smaller greenhouses we have built and then had to order a second, third or even a fourth!

*Please note that travel charges apply to all jobs on a return journey, per-kilometre basis metred from Huonville. See the pricing page for more detail.